Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to catch up with YOKE and to remember us in your prayers. In this month’s letter you’ll hear from some of our leaders about what they learned at our annual Leadership Summit. YOKE is committed to transforming communities by equipping leaders for a lifetime of ministry, and the Summit is just one of the tools that we use to accomplish that.

YOKE is constantly recruiting leaders, but we’re also committed to growing them. In his book Making Neighborhoods Whole, Coach Wayne Gordon talked about the frustration he felt trying to find volunteers to help his new ministry in the Lawndale community of Chicago. One of his own mentors provided some advice that changed his whole perspective. “The reason you can’t find the leaders you’re looking for is that you’re looking in the wrong places,” he said. “The truth is the best leaders you can find are already here, right here in Lawndale.”

Experience has taught us that the best potential YOKE Folk for South Doyle, Rutledge, Alcoa, or Hardin Valley are today’s YOKE kids at South Doyle, Rutledge, Alcoa, and Hardin Valley. It’s a longer term solution, but it’s the best one. We’ll never stop recruiting, but we’re focused on growing. I visited a club last week, Union Grove in Blount County, that had 5 Future Folk (high school students!) there learning on the job. These students will be serving as leaders in the coming years and they’re already right there in the community.  As Gordon says, “a community’s residents are the vested treasures of its future.”

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