This is a message for all of the YOKE Folk, serving in 30 schools in 5 counties. Thank you so much for all that you do to invest in kids in the schools that YOKE serves. I know that it is hard sometimes to tell if you’re really making a difference, but I assure you that you are. Your presence makes a difference to those kids, to the school, and to the community. In my position, I have the privilege of hearing this on a regular basis from kids, parents, teachers, principals, community partners, and pastors.

I am writing to encourage you to register for our 2019 Leadership Summit. We told you about this when you first signed up, and now the time is here. The Summit will be held January 18-20 at Carson Springs Retreat Center in Newport. I know that you will enjoy our time together. We plan this weekend every year with three things in mind.

First, we want you to be refreshed. It’s a weekend that you can get away and spend time being encouraged by your friends. Hopefully, you can take some time off of work, put the school books away for a weekend, and just have some fun.

Second, we want you to enjoy being a part of the YOKE community. We want YOKE to be more than just a service opportunity; we want it to be a family. This weekend is a chance for you to get to know and interact with our staff and other YOKE Folk from around our service area. Friendships are forged through YOKE that will continue to impact your life for years to come, but only if you make yourself available.

Third, we want you to be equipped for ministry. Yes, we want you to be the best YOKE Folk that you can be, so we’ll try to help you “do” YOKE better. But we also want to equip you to be better employees, better neighbors, better friends, and better leaders wherever God may take you. We hope that your time with YOKE prepares you for a lifetime of service in God’s Kingdom.

I hope that you’ll sign up today. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by clicking here. Our time together will be enriched by your presence. I look forward to seeing you at Carson Springs!