Are you interested in joining YOKE but want to learn more before you begin or get started? We’re here to help! Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions.

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We are interdenominational, which means we are not affiliated with any specific denomination or church. We are supported by various churches from our community, all different denominations. When we connect students with local churches, we do so based on location, established partnerships, and personal contacts within local student ministries.

Read our Statement of Faith here.

Participation in YOKE clubs is free. The only costs associated with YOKE are the fees to go to camp, any T-shirts or merchandise a student chooses to purchase, and costs associated with kid time (activities outside of club such as a group of YOKE students and leaders choosing to go together to a bowling event).

Clubs are held on various days and are either right after school or in the evening. Visit the clubs page for more details on your student’s specific school.

YOKE hosts weekend camps for students in both the fall and the spring. Learn more about camp by visiting the camp page. YOKE alumni often mention camp as the highlight of their time with YOKE.

All potential leaders are interviewed by a staff member and submit themselves to a reference and background check. Leaders attend ministry training as well as child abuse detection and response training. Volunteers are monitored by staff members through personal contact and through Team Leaders to make sure they are continually fit for serving students. Returning leaders are re-interviewed yearly as part of the checking in process.

Future Folk is a program for high school students who wish to remain connected to YOKE and develop the leadership skills necessary to become future YOKE leaders.

There are lots of ways to support YOKE. You can give financially, or you can choose to volunteer in whatever capacity you are able.

“YOKE began as a requirement for school. I approached it more as an assignment, but I very quickly fell in love with the ministry and it has become something that I am very passionate about. YOKE has changed my life!”