Through more than 40 years of history, YOKE Camp is always a highlight for both YOKE Kids and YOKE Folk. Held each year in the spring and fall, camps offer students the opportunity to get out of their normal routine and try new things, the chance to interact with other YOKE Kids from around the Knoxville area, and promote a healthy, adventurous lifestyle.

Camps also provide leaders with a more focused opportunity to invest in the lives of their students. There is a cost associated with YOKE camps, but YOKE offers financial assistance to families in need so that every student can participate.


YOKE Camps are held at Camp BaYoCa in Wears Valley, less than an hour’s drive from downtown Knoxville. Camp facilities are equipped with heat and air conditioning but we spend most of our time outdoors.

For more information on the facilities at Camp BaYoCa, check out their website below.


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Camps are an all-inclusive $65/person. This includes all meals, snacks, and activities. Sibling discounts and scholarships are available.

YOKE strives to make camp affordable for every student who wants to participate, but funds are limited. Scholarships are available to families with financial need on a first come, first served basis. If your student would like to attend camp, but needs financial assistance, please contact the YOKE office at (865) 522-6907.

Camps are held each spring (April) and fall (November). Camps last from Friday evening until Sunday mid-day.

You can expect the same kind of fun you have at YOKE club – only bigger! More than 250 students and YOKE Folk attend each camp, so the games are bigger, better, and crazier. You’ll get lots of time with your club but also get to meet YOKE Kids from all over East TN!

Medical staff is always on hand at YOKE camp to help dispense medication. Medications will be collected by the Team Leaders at the buses Saturday morning and camp nurses will distribute as prescribed at Lunch and Dinner. All medication (over-the-counter and prescriptions) must be in the original bottles, labeled with your student’s name. If your student needs more than six medications, please contact the YOKE office at (865) 522-6907 to discuss.

Your student’s safety is our highest priority. Medical staff is always on hand to provide prompt medical treatment for minor injuries. In the case of an emergency, we utilize the services of Blount Memorial or UT Hospital. Parents or guardians will always be contacted immediately in the event of sickness or injury.

The camp fee will include all snacks items and activities that your student will participate in during camp.

Please make sure to note any allergies on the registration form. If allergies limit your student’s diet (gluten-free, etc.), call YOKE at (865) 522-6907 to discuss your student’s particular need. Please note that not all food needs can be accommodated, and you might need to send food with your child. Notify the YOKE staff if you plan to do this.

In case of emergency, please call Camp BaYoCa at (865) 453-6274.


Not sure what to bring with you or leave behind? Don’t worry, we made a checklist for you!


  • Comfortable clothes for the day. (Please comply with school dress code and check weather)

  • Comfortable shoes with backstrap

  • Jacket or Sweatshirt (it is cooler in the mountains).

  • Prescription medications. (Must be in the original container and placed in a ziploc bag with the student’s name and school name written on the outside.)


  • Cell phones are not necessary. (There is no cell coverage at the camp and YOKE will not accept responsibility for lost or damaged phones.)

  • Any other handheld gaming system.

  • Alcohol or tobacco products.

  • Knives or weapons of any kind.

  • Snacks and candy are not necessary.

“YOKE began as a requirement for school. I approached it more as an assignment, but I very quickly fell in love with the ministry and it has become something that I am very passionate about. YOKE has changed my life!”