Future Folk is YOKE’s leadership development program for high school students. It is for students who want to stay connected with their YOKE friends and prepare to serve with YOKE. These high school students meet every other Tuesday at the YOKE House from 6:30-8:00 pm. On the off weeks, they help out with clubs in their area.

The first half of the year the Future Folk (FF) enjoyed club activities and participated in a Bible study on the Christian life. Topics included what sin is, how to find forgiveness, what prayer is, and how to study the Bible for yourself. During the second half of the year, FF worked in groups of 3-4 to plan and lead clubs themselves. They learned valuable lessons about leading a group, what works well and what doesn’t, making sure you have a backup plan if a game doesn’t go as planned, and checking in with your team to make sure everyone is going to be there and is prepared. They also enjoyed the opportunity to build community with each other as they broke into smaller groups to pray for each other.

Future Folk Highlights

  • Future Folk also contributed by helping in the kitchen at camp. They love it and it’s a relief for our staff to have the extra help.
  • The Grainger County FF were able to join the Knox and Anderson County FF for camps, leadership retreat, Christmas party and year-end party.
  • One of our Future Folk made a decision to follow Jesus this year, was baptized and is growing in her faith!

For more information on Future Folk in Knox, Blount, Anderson or Grainger Counties, contact Eli Cockrum at eli@yokeyouth.com or call 865-522-6907.