This week the club spotlight turns to Heritage Middle School in Blount County. YOKE Club at HMS meets on Tuesdays right after school in the band room.

What makes YOKE at Heritage so special?
“What so cool is that we see friendships form at YOKE that most likely wouldn’t have started otherwise. I also enjoy how much some of the kids came to me/us when they had something going on. Everything from friend drama to bullies, to boy advice. I loved being able to get to talk to them heart to heart on a real level. Our kids opened up a lot and challenged us to dig deeper with some of the questions they’d ask us!”  – Emily

“Heritage kids are the BEST! They live for YOKE Club each week. Our kids inspired us to be better leaders because of their passion. On bad days they could put in a good mood. Our leaders truly love these kids. The school backs YOKE and encourages our club each week. Throughout the year we had some great conversations with kids on life, faith, and being teenagers. I feel like we really connected with them every week and also outside of club.”  – Kelly

“One week the kids did the skits for club…they were so detailed and intricate…and hilarious.”

“There was one time we got lifesavers stuck on our faces…and the kids just died laughing at us all.”

“Laughing at so many ongoing, running Heritage YOKE jokes!”


  • Team leader
  • 2 male volunteers
  • 1 female volunteers
  • Financial sponsor

For more information on how you can get involved in YOKE at Heritage Middle School, contact Eli Cockrum at or call (865) 522-6907.