PictureLee (left) with Jacob Adams at Spring Camp.

At YOKE, we value collaboration. We love to partner with churches who desire to engage students and families at their local middle schools. Because many of the kids YOKE serves are not involved with a church community, our leaders are often able to help get them connected to local churches where they can find community and grow in their faith.

A lot of churches want to be involved in schools, but simply don’t know where to start. That’s where YOKE comes in. Our time-tested program and network of relationships provide an avenue for churches to extend their ministries beyond their own walls and build relationships with students in their own neighborhoods.

Montgomery Ridge Intermediate School in Blount County is one of three schools where YOKE is launching new programs this year. One of the first steps involved with starting a new YOKE club is identifying a team leader. Earlier this year, Lee Wagenblast, youth pastor at Blount Christian Church, reached out to us and asked how he and his church could get involved with YOKE. He had only recently heard of YOKE, but wanted to know how he could help launch the program at Montgomery Ridge.

“I initially reached out to YOKE because we wanted to reach the community beyond the four walls of our church,” said Lee. “YOKE provided us with a platform to share the gospel with young people in Blount County by helping us get involved at Montgomery Ridge.”  Lee has since helped s put together a team for the new club, set to begin on September 18th.

YOKE is grateful for the partnership of Blount Christian Church and all of the other churches who have come alongside us to help reach middle school kids. If you would like to get your church involved on a local middle school campus but don’t know where to start, YOKE is here to help. Contact us at 865-522-6907 or yoke@yokeyouth.com.