For whatever reason, sharing our faith or a testimony about what God is doing in our lives usually turns into a HUGE event. We tend to act as though we are preparing for a debate, needing all of our ducks in a row, before we approach someone about Jesus. At times, we feel so much pressure that we end up not sharing about God because we aren’t prepared.

To ease some of the pressure, here are some tips to keep in mind when talking about Jesus to your friends or family.

1. The Gospel is alive in us.

Using a “plan of salvation” is great, but when you get down to the roots, talking to someone about Jesus is as easy as asking yourself (and talking with your friend) these three questions.

  • Why do I need Jesus?
  • How did I become friends with Jesus? (the Gospel)
  • What is God doing in my life now?

2. Life After Conversion

Our life and speech should reflect the fact that once we become a Christian our spiritual journey begins, not ends. There is life after conversion. Jesus disciples us, and we are continually sanctified (made more like Jesus). In short, Jesus owns your life. Don’t get so caught up in someone going to Heaven that you fail to tell them that they are giving their earthly life to Jesus.

3. We Don’t Save People, Jesus Saves People

Christians are called to preach, teach and share the Good News of Jesus. We are called to be obedient. Jesus is the one who transforms. Jesus is the one who pays for sin. We don’t atone, we proclaim. Allow the pressure to be lifted, it is the Holy Spirit who gives life, not you!