The Mayans were wrong, so now we are gearing up for 2013. Many of us make resolutions to get fit, work less, take a vacation, and hang out with friends more in hopes that we will have a more pleasant 2013 and a more pleasant life as a result of our 2013 sacrifice of ___________ (you fill in the blank with your resolutions).

As 2013 starts we know that you will also be thinking about the opportunity to have a new starting point as you continue in your walk of faith with Jesus. Our prayer is that you will take time to pray through what example you are as a believer, what sins you need to repent of, and who you can walk alongside and disciple. Should you make spiritual resolutions (or as one person put it, “not a resolution, but a vow to myself”)? Slow down, get alone with God and meditate on Him. Search through His Word and seek after His direction before jumping to the conclusion that you simply need to read through the whole Bible. If God leads you to that, awesome! But He might need you to spend seven months in the Book of John learning what it is like to follow Jesus during every minute of your day.

Most of the time we don’t follow through with our plans because we make these resolutions out of guilt or on a brief whim. Despite our best efforts, fancy exercise clothing, or accountability partnerships, we lose sight of our goal in only a few weeks.

Don’t lose sight on God. Surround yourself with others who love you enough to walk through 2013 alongside you.