As a leader, the task at hand will want to consume every second of your attention.  There are always more customers to please, more products to sell, more deals to close, and more people to reach. Being successful in your career depends on how effectively you lead. 

As we have ambitions to grow, don’t forget an important task: encourage your team. 

Without encouragement you will not develop your team. 
Without a robust team, you will not succeed. 

Everyone need vision, hope, and empowerment; taking time to encourage your team, volunteers, co-workers or employees develops confidence and energy.

I have found that the best encouragement is three-dimensional.  

  1. Private – Encouragement is gentle and uplifting. 
  2. Public – Praising (or slamming) someone in front of others has a lasting impact. 
  3. Habitual – Once a year or once a quarter when “crunch time” hits isn’t enough. 

So take some time to encourage those around you who are laboring with you or for you. 
How you encourage is up to you, but make sure that everyone feels appreciated for the energy and effort that they have given to help you out.

– Chase Snyder