​Lee and Nicole Roberts have been a part of the YOKE family for many years. In fact, they met through YOKE. Nicole also served as a member of the YOKE staff after volunteering with YOKE through college, while Lee served on YOKE’s Board of Directors. Though they are now in a different season of life, they’re still a vital part of YOKE’s ministry through their role as MVPs – Monthly Vital Partners. 

“We give to YOKE on a monthly basis because we want the ministry to be a part of our life,” said Lee recently. “Serving in YOKE was a way of life for so many years and through our giving it will continue to be.”

While the Roberts’ busy lifestyle prohibits them from volunteering on a weekly basis, they see monthly giving as a way to still be involved in YOKE’s ministry. “It also serves as a great reminder to pray for YOKE and the important work the ministry is doing,” added Lee. 

Become an MVP today! Your monthly commitment, no matter the size, provides a dependable stream of income that enables YOKE to do much more than simply pay the bills. It helps sustain the life-changing ministry to middle school students and college leaders throughout our community.  It’s easy to set up a recurring online gift with an eternal impact. Click the button below to get started. For information on setting up a monthly EFT, contact Cindy at 865-522-6907 or cindy@yokeyouth.com.


The Roberts kids.