Since 1977, YOKE has been connecting with middle school students through after school clubs, camps and personal relationships. YOKE now serves students at 26 schools in Knox, Blount, Anderson, Jefferson and Grainger Counties.
YOKE Folk – primarily college age volunteers – play an indispensable role in this process. Our YOKE Folk commit to helping once a week at a local club, to building personal relationships with the students in their group, and to help one weekend a semester with camp. Many of the students that YOKE reaches are coming from vulnerable situations and are in dire need of a positive influence in their young lives. The potential for life-changing impact is enormous.
Just this week we had the chance to visit with one such former student. She recounted to us the loneliness and apprehension she felt entering Whittle Springs Middle School for the first time. Like so many other students she was desperately searching for a place to connect and to belong. Now, more than 20 years later, her eyes still danced as she talked about finding that connection at YOKE. It was the first place that she’d ever heard about Jesus and she ultimately decided to follow him. She and her family are now engaged in training and mobilizing young people for ministry as missionaries in the Philippines.
Would you like to have the opportunity for that kind of impact? As we begin a new semester, YOKE is looking for college students, young professionals and other compassionate adults from a variety of backgrounds to serve as mentors for middle school students in almost every club. The relationships you make will last a lifetime. The impact you have will last even longer.
To get involved call 865-522-6907, email yoke@yokeyouth.com, or visit our website for more information.