One of the best things about being a YOKE team member is connecting with former YOKE kids all over the community and hearing stories of how YOKE impacted their lives. It happened today as I was being introduced around the office of another nonprofit organization in town. It also happened to me recently as I was purchasing office supplies. I pulled out my credit card and handed it to the cashier. Her face lit up as she read it. “You’re with YOKE?” she asked. “I love YOKE!” She went on to talk about her memories of her friends and leaders and then explained what an impact that YOKE had had on her own kids. When I asked her what her favorite memory of YOKE was, she didn’t hesitate. “Camp!” she exclaimed.

It’s a common answer. People associate us with our after school clubs, now held in 26 schools across 5 counties, but our weekends at camp are special for a number of reasons. They give us a chance to share a camp experience with hundreds of kids each year, many of whom might not otherwise have a chance to get away. They give us a chance to model healthy relationships and promote a healthy lifestyle. And they give our team of mentors an extended amount of time to pour into the students with a minimum of distractions. In short, YOKE camps lead to both lasting memories and life change.

Would you help send a kid to camp this spring? Camp is the only thing at YOKE that we charge for, but we provide a number of scholarships for students. Camps are scheduled the first 2 weekends in April and you can sponsor a student for $70. Make your gift by credit card online, or send a check to YOKE at P.O. Box 3492, Knoxville, TN, 37927.

For a limited time, make a minimum donation of $25, and we’ll throw in a t-shirt. Our limited edition 3-Star YOKE T was created specifically for the YOKE Folk who helped with our letter campaign. However, the response has been so good, that we decided to make it available to others. It is a long sleeve cotton/poly blend in graphite gray. Youth sizes are also available in sport gray. All proceeds from sales of these t-shirts will go toward providing camp scholarships for students in need. 

Orders will be accepted through noon on March 24th. We will need your name, your payment (minimum $25) and your size to place the order. For more information or to place your order, contact us at (865) 522-6907 or YOKE@yokeyouth.com.