The ministry of YOKE is helping to transform the communities in which we serve through four primary areas of impact – mentoring middle school students, equipping college leaders, engaging local churches and impacting local schools. In previous posts we demonstrated how YOKE is helping to transform middle school students, as well as our incredible volunteers, the YOKE Folk. Through strategic, reciprocal partnerships, YOKE is also helping to transform local churches.

Our desire – and passion – is to partner with local churches in every community where we serve. We want every YOKE club to have at least one local church that says, “as part of our ministry in this neighborhood, we do YOKE at our middle school.”

We are convinced that these relationships benefit all involved. YOKE gains a partner that can help provide volunteers and financial resources. The church gains an opportunity to plug into their local school and engage students right where they are, and also benefits from the training and experience that YOKE provides to an emerging generation of its leaders. Most importantly, the middle school students and their families gain a local connection – a network of relationships and a spiritual home that will outlast their years in middle school.

Here’s just one story about how YOKE is helping to transform the ministry of local churches.

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