The ministry of YOKE is helping to transform the communities in which we serve through four primary areas of impact – mentoring middle school students, equipping college leaders, engaging local churches and impacting local schools. In a previous post, we examined how YOKE is helping to transform middle school students. This time we’d like to share how YOKE impacts the lives of our YOKE Folk.

Each year YOKE recruits, screens, trains and mobilizes hundreds of college students and young adults for service in our after school clubs and camps. These are more than just volunteers – they become partners and team mates in our work. YOKE Folk volunteer to serve as part of team at a local school. They help plan and execute YOKE Club once a week, but that’s just the beginning.

Through that after school club they begin to build relationships with students and look for ways to spend time with them outside of club. This could mean a meal, a ball game, helping with homework, or simply a shopping trip. Last year our YOKE Folk invested more than 45,000 hours in clubs, but more than 65,000 hours with kids outside of club.

Our staff spends countless hours building relationships with them and investing in them, so that they in turn can invest in the kids. Along the way, they are experiencing growth, accountability and community, and their lives are being transformed in the process.

Here is just one story of how YOKE is helping to transform the lives of YOKE Folk.

​Does this sound like something you’d like to be involved in? Visit our YOKE Folk page or contact us for more details.