YOKE clubs started a couple of weeks ago. Typically when a club starts, it takes a few weeks for a club to grow. However this semester, several of our clubs started the year with a bang. Halls and Northwest in Knox County, Rutledge in Grainger County, Norris in Anderson County, and Maury and Rush Strong in Jefferson County have all gotten off to a great start. 

One club in Blount County, Union Grove, is really setting the pace. Union Grove has never had more than 10-15 kids at club, so the team was a little surprised when they started the year with 20 kids. They’ve kept growing, too, and last week had more than 50 kids at club!

What could explain the growth of this club? According to Blount County Director Eli Cockrum, the YOKE Folk are consistently spending time with the kids each week, showing up at lunches, and hanging out after club. The  Union Grove team is also spending a lot of time together.

The heart of YOKE’s ministry has always been Kid Time – the time YOKE Folk spend with kids outside of club. All the hours that the Union Grove team has invested in those kids is starting to pay off with BIG numbers at club. We believe the best is yet to come!