Hillbilly Camp was the theme for YOKE’s fall camp, with students and YOKE Folk alike donning flannel shirts and overalls. More than 400 kids and leaders attended one of two camps held over two weekends this month. 

Campers had an opportunity to enjoy storytelling by Phil Campbell (son of Hee Haw host Archie Campbell), and watch Hillbilly themed skits. They played hillbilly games, and participated in YOKE’s Frontier Adventures which included bull rides, hatchet throwing, marshmallow roasting, sack races, and face painting.

One of the biggest highlights of camp  was the baby pig that spent each weekend at camp. Teams got to vote on a name for the pig, while YOKE Kids at each school picked one of their YOKE Folk to kiss the pig.

YOKE Folk led the students in worship, and spent valuable time answering questions and encouraging students in their faith throughout the weekend. Brandin-Lea Stevens, Team Leader at Halls Middle explained, “The younger generation is listening. They so badly want to have someone care for them, to walk with them, to love on them. They have REAL struggles, they fight REAL battles, and they welcome the HOPE of JESUS.”

Alan Duncan, Team Leader at Gibbs Middle said, “Spending time with the middle school students will continue to be a bigger blessing to me than I can ever hope to be to them.” 

​One parent from Blount County wrote, “I wanted to tell you how full my heart is after hearing all about Daniel’s weekend! It makes a mama happy to know her kids are being loved and encouraged by such great, Christian role models! Y’all make it easier for these young teens to imitate Jesus because you’re doing such a good job of it. You all have influenced my boy in a big way!”

Matthew Best, who serves in Emerald Youth’s Calling and Career Ministry, and Jared Boyd, Youth Pastor at Heritage Fellowship in Jefferson County, were our guest speakers. Over the two weekends, eleven students made first time decisions to follow Jesus. Thank you to everyone who gave to make YOKE camp possible!