Each semester, as work and class schedules change, new opportunities to serve open up in YOKE Clubs around the Knoxville area. We recruit and train talented young leaders (affectionately known as YOKE Folk) from area schools and local churches, and our current leaders are always inviting their friends to serve.

We also have a growing number of leaders who serve because of the impact that YOKE had on their lives as a student. These YOKE Kids who grow up to be YOKE Folk are the best indicators of the success of our program. 

These leaders try to recreate the experience they had as a YOKE kid. They may not always remember what their YOKE Folk said, but they remember feeling loved and accepted. “YOKE is the first place I understood Christ’s unconditional love,” says one such leader. 

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this life-changing community and make a lasting impact on the lives of middle school students, email us at yoke@yokeyouth.com or click here for more information.