Many alumni have special memories of YOKE Camp. “Camp is what alumni want to talk about the most,” said YOKE alumni director Stephanie Enger. “Everyone loves camp.” We’re happy to report that not much has changed – camp is still a favorite for students and YOKE Folk alike.

This spring’s camp features a Survivor theme where YOKE Folk from each school are selected to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for the title of “Survivor.” Like the game show, each school will also compete as a team in a variety of challenges for the opportunity to win immunity. We had 169 students and YOKE Folk for the first weekend, and more than 200 are registered for the second weekend.

 We are blessed to have quite a few alumni serving this spring, assisting as camp director, medical staff, kitchen staff, camp speaker, and helping to transport luggage. Other alumni have sponsored kids – or whole cabins of kids! – for camp, while some donated Bibles for us to give to students who need them. Some names you might recognize are Larry Overton, Brianna McTeer, Mark Wilbanks, John Johnson, Allan and Letha Hancock, Darrell Minton, and Carter Brown.

“We couldn’t do camp without the help of alumni, and we are always looking for new ways to involve them at camp,” said Stephanie. “If someone wants to volunteer at camp, we will find a way that they can help.”

For more information about how you can serve at camp – or in another capacity – contact Stephanie at 865-386-3313 or