Our new Program Director is a familiar face. Since 2021, Madjoel Douglass has served as YOKE’s Area Director for 7 schools in the city of Knoxville. Madjoel has worked tirelessly to build relationships with schools, with local churches, and with potential volunteers on college campuses. His efforts have resulted in numerous new volunteers and he has helped reopen clubs at several schools that had been vacant since before the pandemic. “Madjoel has been the glue that allowed Heather and me to stretch ourselves as leaders for our team,” said Nemo Landon, Team Leader at Vine Middle. “He’s been a great support and encouragement.”

Additionally, Madjoel’s calm demeanor and thoughtful leadership have made him a trusted mentor among his peers. When the position of Program Director opened up, we knew that Madjoel was ready to accept the challenge.

We sat down recently with Madjoel and asked him 5 questions about his new role. Here’s what he had to say.

  1. What drew you to YOKE in the first place?
    I only knew YOKE by reputation, but I was really excited about the opportunity to build relationships on every level. I love working with middle school students, but YOKE also provides me the opportunity to equip young adults for that type of ministry. I think being able to do that in the context of relationship is most effective. 
  2. What about YOKE really gives you joy?
    I love helping people discover their own gifts. YOKE gives me the opportunity to see them begin to use those gifts and really live out their purpose. I also love that each community we serve in is unique. Leaders can take the resources that we have and adapt it to the needs of their local community. The fun that the students have at YOKE is the common bond.” 
  3. What are you most looking forward to in this new role?
    I’m really looking forward to continuing to build relationships with the staff and supporting them in their ministry. This new role brings a lot of challenges and unknowns, but I’m excited to be able to grow on a professional level. 
  4. What are some of the big things you’ll be working on?
    Finding balance in my new role and growing in confidence leading the team.  I’m excited about the opportunity we have together to shape this ministry in a positive way. 
  5. Are you ready to carry the megaphone at camp?
    Camp is the first big challenge on the calendar. I’m excited about it and I feel ready for that responsibility because I know that our team can handle it together.   

For more information about how you can get involved with YOKE, contact Madjoel at 865-522-6907 or madjoel@yokeyouth.com.