More than 160 students and volunteers from Jefferson, Maury, White Pine and Rush Strong Middle Schools in Jefferson County, Karns, Cedar Bluff and West Valley Middle Schools in Knox County, and Norris Middle School in Anderson County attended week two of Olympic camp this past weekend.

While this was definitely one of the colder spring camps on record, the weather didn’t deter students and leaders from participating in a variety of Olympic themed activities like a decathlon on Saturday morning and the very popular messy war in the afternoon, including flour bombs, water balloons, and shaving cream.

Cabin time on Saturday night is always a highlight of the weekend. During cabin time students get to talk to their leaders about what God is doing in their life, ask questions, and pray with their YOKE Folk. This past weekend, one Anderson County student made a decision to follow Christ for the first time. This was significant because six months before camp, she lost one of her best friends. Since then, YOKE Folk in that community have been counseling and encouraging her and her friends as they processed the sudden loss of their friend and mourned her death. This student expressed that her choice to follow Christ was a direct result of the way that her YOKE leaders ministered to her over the last year.

Another student that made a decision for Christ is dealing with anger stemming from losing his home to a fire, his parents’ recent divorce, and his grandfather being close to death. He has been in and out of trouble at school, even the week leading up to camp. While talking with his YOKE Folk he explained that he was a Christian, but he had not been living like one. He told his YOKE leader that he wanted to make a change in his life and renewed his commitment to follow Christ during the worship service on Sunday morning.

During both weekends of YOKE camp, more than 30 students responded to God’s working in their lives, with 17 of those deciding to follow Christ for the first time. YOKE also gave away 24 Bibles to students who asked for them. Please continue to pray for these students who made decisions and for our team as we continue to follow up with them.