Missional: Sharing God’s story as you live yours

What is missional? The word missional has been used to describe theological and church movements in recent time.  While people use the word many different ways, the heart of being missional is living a life of Jesus.  Jesus is a missionary. He taught His disciples how to be missionaries as well.  While some of them eventually traveled cross-culuturally, they all started developing disciples in their neighborhoods and the communities where they lived.

I’m sure that you have heard it said before that you are a minister for Jesus. Do we have a clear picture of what that looks like?

In our culture, missions and ministry tend to be viewed as an event that someone does (cleaning up leaves on Saturday morning for an elderly lady), a trip that we go on (overseas or domestic), and a vocation (the minister ministers because he is paid full-time to impact the community). While serving on a Saturday morning, heading out on a mission trip or hiring a minister to lead your church is not a bad thing to do, we fall into sin when we fail to live everyday as Jesus did, teaching, loving, serving, walking, and talking to everyone that He encourntered for the purpose of sharing the Good News of redemption and salvation with them.  He was always on mission. It was His life.  And being missional means that you are called to go everyday and make disciples. All Christians live under Jesus’ commandment to “Go and make disciples.”  The Greek word for “go” is poreuomai, which means, “as you continue on your journey.” Once you decided to accept Jesus, you accepted Jesus’ life as well as His forgiveness for your sins and as we continue on the journey of following Jesus daily, whether we are at work, at the house with our family or sitting in our Econ class, we must share the Gospel of Jesus and develop disciples for His glory.

During this school year, we will be looking at what the Bible says about being missional.  Since everyone is gearing up for some new routines and getting acclimated to classes, work or kids, take some time to pray about how God should be using you everyday. Ask him to reveal places that you are always around that you should be a light for Him. Pray that God will open your eyes and heart for opportunities that will arise throughout your day. Together we are going to explore what Jesus expects of His disciples and the practical steps we can take to live a missional life.