Pictured: Samantha Gross, a Halls Middle YOKE Folk Alumna, with some children from Haiti

We are so proud of the accomplishments of our YOKE Folk and Team Leaders. Throughout the school year they devote 5+ hours to serve middle school kids in their communities.

Our leaders are heavily active in their local churches to glorify God and help bridge the gap for YOKE kids who don’t have a church and getting them plugged into a local congregation. 

As school ended, the majority of our volunteers gave up their entire summer to continue sharing the Gospel in different ways.  We have leaders who are doing short term mission trips (foreign and domestic), interning at churches, partnering with other non-profit organizations, working at summer camps or leading worship for events. 

Be praying for our leaders as they selflessly follow the instructions of Jesus to “Go and make disciples…” (Mat. 28:19). Please pray for safe travel and a fruitful end to their summer projects.

Listed below are the names of the YOKE Folk we were able to track down for the summer. If we missed someone, please post a comment or let us know on Facebook. We would also love to hear your stories from the summer. Feel free to write on our Facebook wall or send us an e-mail at yoke@yokeyouth.com and your story may end up on the blog!

  • Chris Bell, Camp Ba Yo Ca
  • Carlos Harmon, Big Creek, KY
  • Brittney Kirby, Big Creek, KY
  • Donnie Criswell, Internship at his home church
  • Jon Marshall, New York Dream Center
  • Kayla Anthony, Oak Hill Day Camp
  • Megan Branch, Nicaragua
  • Brittany Mockbee, Bosnia
  • Samantha Gross, Haiti
  • Rebecca Mullen, Crossings Camp
  • Ben Semeraro, Carolina Creek Camp
  • Libby Alcala, India
  • Aaron DelgadoCamp Ozark
  • Faith SmithCamp Ozark
  • Laura Moore, Cape Town South Africa, Dominican Republic
  • Chad Daugherty, Phillipines
  • Julie Ogle, Malyasia
  • Kara Cooper, Summer Camp
  • Bridget Newcomb, Haiti
  • Jacoby Yarbro, Memphis
  • John Johnson, Memphis
  • Brandy McConkey, Camp Skyline
  • Rachel Shaunessy, Guatemala
  • Douglas Graves, Ohio
  • Carter Brown, Camp Ba Yo Ca
  • Josh Bisig, Camp Ba Yo Ca
  • Heather Moses, Camp Ba Yo Ca
  • Casey Hodges, Camp Ba Yo Ca
  • Josh Brooks, Camp Ba Yo Ca
  • Josh&Amy Churchwell, Camp Ba Yo Ca
  • Tally BarwickCamp Ba Yo Ca
  • Ian BarryCamp Ba Yo Ca, Maryland
  • Laura Beth BarryCamp Ba Yo Ca
  • Anna Grace BarryCamp Ba Yo Ca
  • Clark HaslerCamp Ba Yo Ca
  • Caroline EichornCamp Ba Yo Ca