​Monthly Vital Partners (MVPs) are donors who make a monthly commitment to support YOKE financially. Your monthly commitment, no matter the size, provides a dependable stream of income that enables YOKE to do much more than simply pay the bills. It sustains the life-changing ministry to middle school students and college leaders throughout our community. Laura Biddle has experienced that ministry first hand. Here’s what she had to say about supporting YOKE:
“I support YOKE because I KNOW that this ministry changes lives. My own life was changed 34 years ago when a teacher encouraged me to attend a YOKE CLUB as a 6th grade kid at Spring Hill Middle. 
Through the years, I’ve been a YOKE kid, a Future Folk, a YOKE Folk, and a TEAM Leader.  When I became a working adult, I wasn’t always able to give my time, so I began to give financially. As a hard worker and a frugal mama, I certainly want to invest in what matters:  food, shelter, transportation, and most importantly, charitable giving – giving for the glory of the Lord.  
I choose where my money goes and I choose YOKE because GOD put it on my heart.  I know my monthly gift funds a small portion of this amazing ministry that introduces kids to Christ’s love. It gives kids a chance to find a role model. It gives a kid from a struggling family a chance to go to camp. It creates the opportunity for college age leaders to serve and become a TEAM. It keeps the lights on for the staff to continue to serve. It buys shaving cream for messy club night. It buys food for camp weekends. It helps create friendships that last a lifetime – just ask any of ‘my girls’ who are now grown adults.  It gives a middle school kid a moment to know that they are LOVED. Join me in supporting YOKE Ministries.”

Become an MVP today! It’s easy to set up a recurring online gift with an eternal impact. Click the button below to get started. For information on setting up a monthly EFT, contact Cindy at 865-522-6907 or cindy@yokeyouth.com.