#YOKEis impactful. YOKE Club is always memorable, and often life changing.  I specifically remember having a sleepover at the YOKE house with my YOKE Folk as a middle schooler. I remember as a Future Folk getting to the dining hall an hour early to make breakfast at camp because we forgot to adjust for the time change. I have SO many impactful memories from being a YOKE Folk – cook outs before club, laser tag, taking over our local McDonald’s, allergic reactions to mustard. One of our kids moved to Nashville this semester, but still decided to come back for spring camp! The relationships, laughs, Jesus talks, fun, loud and crazy messiness, and frustrations (all of which can happen in the span of an hour every Tuesday night) are all impactful. There’s not a moment of YOKE – clubs, kid time, camps or team meetings –  that doesn’t somehow change the life of someone there. That’s what I love about YOKE.

Mikayala Moore


My 6th grade year was a tough one. I didn’t fit in anywhere and didn’t have many friends. One day, though, at an Open House at Union Grove Middle, I met Delaney McReynolds.  She introduced me to YOKE and told me what it was all about. I went to club the next Tuesday and met some people who would become my forever best friends and mentors.

My first YOKE camp was Western Camp. I remember our speaker talked about surrendering my heart to God and becoming a follower of Christ. At first I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but as the weekend went on I realized that I was a sinner and that I needed to invite Jesus into my life. In 8th grade I was invited to do Future Folk, YOKE’s leadership training program, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Now as a YOKE Folk at Union Grove, I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned with the kids that I serve. For me, #YOKEis an opportunity to give back to middle school students all the things that I received from YOKE as a kid.

Cayleigh Millsaps    
Union Grove Middle School