Our interview with YOKE Kid Dylan:

When did you start coming to YOKE? 6th grade
How did you hear/know about YOKE? One of my friends told me about it, said it was fun, so I gave it a try
What’s your favorite part of YOKE Club and Why? everything because i was with my friends
How many camps have you been to? Which ones? 3, summer camp, fall camp, and spring camp
What’s your favorite YOKE Camp? Spring camp, Its not too hot and not too cold
What’s your favorite part of camp and why? Messy day, we all don’t care how messy we get we are just having fun
What has Chad taught you? A lot about worshiping and doing the right thing
How has YOKE impacted your life? It has always brought me closer to god every camp I went to
What decision have you made for Christ was in YOKE? I let god into my heart, and I dedicated my life to God
Anything else you want to tell us about YOKE? YOKE IS AMAZING 🙂

Our interview with YOKE Folk Chad

How did you hear/know about YOKE? A friend who was involved in it at Northwest

What’s your favorite part of YOKE club and why? Acting crazy and the high energy

How did you meet Dylan? Dylan was a seventh grader when I went to go assist one time at a YOKE Club at Northwest during a year that I was unable to fully participate as a YOKE Folk

Describe Dylan: Dylan is a great kid with a great personality.  He is funny and full of energy.  He is also one of the few YOKE kids I look up to … literally he is like 6’2.

What kinds of things have you and Dylan done together? We have gone to get doughnuts, went to the movies, hung out at the mall, gone to the park, and he has been coming to our youth worship serves at Wallace Memorial.

Has Dylan any decisions for Christ while in YOKE? None that I know of, other than desiring to be involved in worship services

In what ways has YOKE helped Dylan? YOKE has given him an opportunity to hear about Christ and to develop more.  And through YOKE he has also been able to have the opportunity to attend church

Anything else you want to tell us about Dylan? About his personality, one time at Wallace his iPod was stolen by one of our sixth graders.  When this was found out who it was, Dylan did not get angry and want to fight this boy or anything like that, but was very cool with it, which was a huge relief for this intimidated young and much smaller sixth grader.  The character of patience and forgiveness that Dylan showed was that very much of Christ.

How many camps have you been to? Which ones? Three: his eighth grade year, both Winter and Spring and the Summer where I was the camp speaker

What’s your favorite YOKE camp? The past winter one

What’s your favorite part of camp and why? Cabin time where the kids get real with you and tough guy attitudes are gone and they are free to ask the questions on their heart about God.

What has Dylan taught you? That YOKE Folk can have a huge impact in the lives of YOKE kids and that they just want to be noticed and loved.

How has YOKE impacted your life? YOKE was the first form of student ministry I was involved with and was the beginning of the road of student ministry that God has called me to.  Now I am going to seminary and fulfilling the call to full time student ministry.  YOKE was the first ministry that I realized that I had a heart for seeing students grow in their love for God and for each other.

What decision(if any) have you made for Christ while in YOKE? To commit my life to full time Christian service

Anything else you want to tell us? I am going to miss it very much, but hope to do similar things wherever God calls me to minister.