Our interview with YOKE Kid Courtney:

When did you start coming to YOKE? I came once in the 6th grade but it didn’t work out because I had dance at the same time so I really started attending Yoke in 7th grade.

How did you hear about YOKE? I heard about it through my mom but a friend at school who was also very interested in YOKE convinced me to check it out my 7th grade year and I loved it ever since!

What’s your favorite part of YOKE Club and why? When we all sing together because it is really cool to hear everyone joining in and praising God together inside my school!

How many camps have you been to? 6 camps

What’s your favorite YOKE camp? Summer camp 2011 my 7th grade year!

What’s your favorite part of camp and why? The cabin talks where I get to spend one on one time talking and praying with my YOKE Folk. I like this because we get to split up into groups where I am with the 8th grade girls and we spend time loving on each other(crying of course), reading scripture, and praying!

What has your leader taught you? Laura has taught me to be myself regardless of what anyone else is thinking and really pushes me to be a leader for Christ not only in my school but at home. She helps keep me on track and always points me back to the Bible. And she has taught me to talk less and listen more!

How has YOKE impacted your life? YOKE has helped me to grow closer to God each and every day and reminds me daily of what I need to do to be a Christian and also helps me to think in a Christian way. And my YOKE folk help to hold me accountable especially Laura. Laura is like an older sister to me that I can tell anything to knowing I will not be judged. Without YOKE I would have never met Laura and I thank God for that every day.

What if any decisions have you made for Christ? I rededicated my life last year at summer camp during the Indian skit.

Anything else you want to tell us about YOKE? YOKE is the best thing I have ever been involved in, I literally encourage everyone to become a part of it because if you do your life will never be the same. The leaders all care so much about us and are always there for us!

Interview with YOKE Folk Laura:

How did you hear about YOKE? Chad Daughertry knew that I had a passion for middle schoolers and told me to pray about being a part of it one night at church…so I did!

What’s my favorite part of YOKE Club and why? Waiting on the kids to arrive and seeing their faces light up when they see us…and the hugs of course!

How did you meet your YOKE kid? After club when I took her to the office to meet her mom, but the first time I got to know Courtney was at Fall camp during cabin talk!

Describe your YOKE kid: Caring, optimistic, always has a smile, good leader, and an amazing attitude and loving heart.

What kinds of things have you and your YOKE kid done together? We have gone to eat, had sleepovers, gone to the drive in movies, gone to church together, gone swimming and to the lake, gone to the mountains, gone to basketball games/her dance competitions, gone to baseball games, done Bible studies together, gone to movies, etc…really what have we not done? 🙂

Has your kid made any decisions for Christ while in YOKE? She rededicated her life during summer camp last year.

In what ways has YOKE helped your YOKE kid? She has formed a much stronger relationship with Christ, and has learned that she can stand against the crowd at school and not be ashamed of her faith. She has really stepped up and become and leader and I am very proud of her!

Anything else you want to tell us about your YOKE kid? She is crazy, fun and one of the best little “sisters” I could have!

How many camps have you been to? 3 camps!

Which camp was your favorite? Summer camp this year!

What’s your favorite part about camp and why? The cabin talks because I love spending one on one time with my girls getting to share the love of Christ with them, and I love being able to hear out their burdens then getting to read scripture with them and praying for them. It is a bond that no one can ever take away. Plus when one of my sweet girls makes a decision for Christ it makes the 2-3 hours we spend on the front porch worth it!

What has your YOKE kid taught you?  Patience and dedication when it comes to working with middle schoolers. She has helped me to realize that I am being looked up to and watched by my Yoke girls 24/7, which really pushes me to strive to be all that I can for Christ.

How has YOKE impacted your life? How has it not would be the better question! YOKE has confirmed my calling to middle school children especially children of lower income families. I have a passion for my kids at Northwest like I have never had before. My heart hurts for them each and every day and it has taught me to really take the time out of my day to listen and love on each child because I might be the only person they have.

What decision have you made for Christ while in YOKE? I pray daily that I would become more and more like Christ in all that I do!

Anything else you want to tell us? I absolutely LOVE YOKE and am thankful for the opportunity to minister to middle schoolers!