Our interview with YOKE Kid Emilia:

When did you start coming to YOKE?
6th Grade

What’s your favorite part of YOKE club and why?
Everything: the games, the skits, and it’s a good way to make Christian friends.

How many camps have you been to? Which ones?
6th grade: Western Camp, Mystery Camp, and Heroes Summer Camp
7th Grade: Boot Camp, Super Hero, and Hidden Temple Summer Camp

What’s your favorite YOKE camp?
Summer camp because you get to meet so many new people

What’s your favorite part of camp and why?
Seeing all the people saved at every camp. It makes me happy to see YOKE being an impact in other people’s lives. The food is good, too. Camps are always the highlight of my year!!!

What has your leader taught you?
Bridget has taught me to never lose faith in God, because he answers your prayers–even if it isn’t immediate.

How has YOKE impacted your life?
I was saved at spring camp last year and this year at spring camp I rededicated. After I got involved with YOKE I brought my grades up from failing to honor roll. My YOKE Folk had a good influence on me. I have met so many amazing people through YOKE that I love!

What decision (if any) have you made for Christ while in YOKE?
Spring Camp(2011) Salvation
Spring Camp (2012) Rededication

Anything else you want to tell us about YOKE?
My YOKE Folk are amazing people. They’re really awesome and I can tell them anything!

Our interview with YOKE Folk Bridget:

How did you hear/know about YOKE?
I was involved with YOKE as a student when I went to middle school. It impacted my life so much when I realized God was calling me into a ministry. I remembered YOKE from middle school!

What’s your favorite part of YOKE club and why?
My favorite part of club is being allowed to lead music. I get to see the reaction on the students’ faces and in their eyes when the song relates to them–or their joy when we sing a silly song that they LOVE!

How did you meet your YOKE kid?
I met Emilia her 6th grade year, I’m pretty sure she came on the very first day of club and has been coming faithfully ever since.

Describe your YOKE kid.
She is very energetic. She always brings laughter to club. She has a BIG heart! I don’t think I have seen her put herself first. She is always considerate of others feelings and how words will effect them. She has a joy about her that is contagious and I’m always excited to get to spend time with her.

What kinds of things have you and your YOKE kid done together?
We text and talk to each other frequently.We went out to dinner and lunch a few times, watched a movie and we like to window shop at the mall. We have also visited my church for GAME NIGHT!

Has your YOKE kid made any decisions for Christ while in YOKE?
She accepted Christ at camp her 6th grade year, and she also rededicated her 7th grade year while at camp.

In what ways has YOKE helped your YOKE kid?
I think God has DEFINITELY used YOKE to speak to Emilia. She has grown so much since being involved in YOKE. She comes to me with questions that are very smart questions to ask. I can see Christ using her through this ministry and allowing her to grow in her walk through the things that he tells her–whether it’s through talks at club or talks at camp!

Anything else you want to tell us about your YOKE kid?
She is bright, intelligent and a very strong young lady! I am very proud of her for how she stands up and is proud to be a Christian.

How many camps have you been to?
2 summer camps
3 spring camps: Mystery, Super Hero, and I cant remember the other one
3 fall camps: Boot Camp, Western Camp, and I cant remember the other one

What’s your favorite part of camp and why?
I love being able to have fun and to spend more time with my girls, but my favorite part of camp is the Cabin Time. It’s always exciting for me to take one night to kind of get into deep conversation about the messages they have heard, and to really sum up our whole reason of our talks at club. It never fails I always get the opportunity to speak to a girl, and its always a “WOAH that was a God moment!” He blesses me through that time!

What has your YOKE kid taught you?
Emilia has taught me about strength. She reminded me to hold onto God’s strength because it’s him who gives us that strength. She doesn’t realize what a strong person she is. I’m VERY PROUD OF HER!

How has YOKE impacted your life?
YOKE has impacted my life in so many ways–starting as a middle school student. I know for sure that it was a God thing that I am in this ministry. I have received so many blessings and have met so many wonderful, godly people who have influenced my life. I am lucky to be a part of YOKE.

What decision(if any) have you made for Christ while in YOKE?
When I first got involved with YOKE I think I was beginning to stray away from God’s path that he has for me. I realized  just how much my YOKE Kids actually watch me and look up to me. So knowing in the back of my mind that they are watching what I do and how I act made me realize that as a leader I needed to rededicate my life and live my life as Christ would call me to live–to be that true godly influence in their lives that I needed to be–“To Walk what I Talk.”