Our interview with YOKE Kid, Tyrese:

When did you start coming to YOKE? Last year during 6th grade year, I’ve never missed a club unless I was sick!

How did you hear about YOKE? The school intercom

What’s your favorite part of YOKE Club and why?  2 things, whenever we do chug n crush and whenever we have our praying moment and learn about the Bible

How many camps have you been to?  2 camps- army camp and superhero camp

What’s your favorite camp? Superhero

What’s your favorite part of camp and why?  The food time!  Cause we all got to eat

What has your leader taught you?  BE a good sport, companionship, team work and never ever choke on a Mountain Dew!

How has YOKE impacted your life?  It has changed it a lot.  Before I went to YOKE I would never read my Bible but now when YOKE came I became closer with the Bible and God

What decision if any have you made for Christ while in YOKE?  Pray every night, obey my mom and become better on reading my Bible

Our interview with YOKE Folk Jacoby:

How did you hear/know about YOKE? Through a volunteer/organization fair.

What’s your favorite part of YOKE club and why? My favorite part of YOKE club is the game time. I think it is my favorite, because even though it gets wild, crazy and completely out of hand and you are so concerned with keeping up with the time, you get the chance to loose yourself as an adult and communicate on the level as the students you are working with.

How did you meet your YOKE kid? I met Tyrese during club.

Describe your YOKE kid: Tyrese is a fun loving, comedic student. He acts so cool when you meet him, but deep down is an anime lovin, DBZ fanatic.

What kinds of things have you and your YOKE kid done together? Sometimes the best time we would have is watching Dragonball Z.

Has your YOKE kid made any decisions for Christ while in YOKE? I would say he has made more of a commitment toward Christ.

In what ways has YOKE helped your YOKE kid? YOKE has provided an outlet for which Tyrese is able to surround himself with adult Christian leaders who want to show him how to live a life pleasing to God.

How many camps have you been to? Which ones? I have been to 5 camps.

What’s your favorite YOKE camp? My favorite Yoke camp has been Western Camp.

What’s your favorite part of camp and why? My favorite part of camp would be the very beginning of it when everyone is together in the dining hall playing together. I love it because then there are no boundaries, but rather one big group. People meeting new faces and
making new friends.

What has your YOKE kid taught you? Be cool with who you are.

How has YOKE impacted your life? YOKE has provided me with the opportunity to minister along side a fantastic group of young people. By providing me with this great chance, I
have learned so much more about myself in how to be a better minister.

Anything else you want to tell us? YOKE is awesome!