YOKE suddenly finds itself once again thrust in the middle of a very busy semester. On January 10th, YOKE Staff, Team Leaders and YOKE Folk headed to Camp Ba Yo Ca for a weekend of training. It was a weekend to learn new ideas, grow closer as a team, focus on our relationship with God and refocus on the ministry of YOKE that He has called us to. Our annual Letter Writing fundraiser kicked off that weekend as well. This is one of only two fundraisers YOKE holds each year.

This week will be a busy week with YOKE clubs beginning, weather permitting. Since clubs ended last semester, YOKE kids have been texting and calling to ask when clubs are starting back. As always we have some empty holes to fill, so YOKE is currently looking for college students, young adults and parents to help at clubs. There are YOKE clubs that meet every day after school except Fridays. If you are interested, email leah@yokeyouth.com.

The last weekend of March and first weekend of April will be YOKE’s Survivor Camp. We are excited to begin offering on-line registration for camp this spring. At camp, YOKE Folk from each school will compete to see who will win the title of Sole Survivor. Just like the reality show, YOKE Kids will experience challenges and solve puzzles as a team. It is sure to be a lot of fun! For more information about our spring camp—or to sponsor a child to go to camp—check out our website here.

Finally, the heart of YOKE has always been spending quality time with kids. There are several Kid Time opportunities planned for YOKE Folk and YOKE Kids this semester. They will spend time eating lunch together at school, going to Jump Jam, playing in YOKE sponsored dodge ball tournaments and more!

Be sure to follow our future blog posts so you can hear what transpires with clubs, camps, and our YOKE Kids over the semester!