The start of a new semester always brings hopes and goals for a student–goals of good grades (or at least the hope of passing grades!), goals to try out for a team or the school play, dreams for a date to the school dance–so many possibilities in a new semester. At YOKE, we too have hopes and goals for this new semester: goals to get as many kids to YOKE Club and camp as possible, hopes of sharing Jesus with as many middle school kids as we can, and the prayer that all of our clubs will be fully staffed with great leaders.   

How can you help us reach these goals? Do you have a heart for middle school kids? Want to disciple and grow tomorrow’s leaders (college students)? Do you know someone who does?  We still have need of a few more YOKE Folk and Team Leaders. We are looking for folks who love the Lord and want to serve Him in their local community. Maybe you know someone, a friend, coworker, or neighbor who would be an amazing YOKE Folk or Team Leader. YOU are YOKE’s best recruiters! Those of you who already know about and love YOKE are our greatest resource!

So, how about it? Pray for YOKE. Ask how the Lord would have YOU to get involved, and for Him to show you who, in your community, would be a wonderful leader in our ministry! We still need YOKE Folk for certain schools in all of our counties (Knox, Blount, Jefferson, Anderson, and Grainger) and we still need a few Team Leaders or Co-Team Leaders in Knox, Blount, and Jefferson Counties. Could YOU be the answer to our prayers? Could you connect us to the wonderful folks you know who can serve? Help us reach our goals and see our hopes realized this semester in YOKE! Go to www.yokeyouth.com/serve to find out more!