PictureCedar Bluff YOKE at Camp

Comparing two weekends of Survivor Camp would be like comparing a meal from Calhoun’s and a meal from Chandler’s Deli. They are two very different types of meals, but they are both beyond satisfying.

Our second Survivor weekend was different than our first, but no less delicious. We won’t waste time comparing the two, but we should say that in every aspect God was faithful. Once again the Holy Spirit was active in the lives of our campers. This weekend we had 13 students make decisions to walk closer with Christ; one of those was a first time eternity changing decision. We also gave away 17 Bibles to students this weekend. Stay in prayer for these students. Pray that the Scriptures given away this weekend would become the true Word of God to those who received it. Pray for those students who made decisions this weekend, that their walk with God would become their way of life.

What else can be said about a perfect weekend of camp? We are already excited to trip back to Camp Ba Yo Ca for summer camp in June. Between now and then continue to pray for the handful of clubs left this spring. Pray for our YOKE Folk as they finish their classes and prepare for their summers. Our prayer is that we don’t lose too much continuity over the summer, and summer camp is the perfect way for our YOKE Folk to maintain contact with the students. God has obviously heard our prayers this spring, let’s continue to pray for the work of His Kingdom in the Middle Schools of East Tennessee.