As a middle school teacher, I must be absolutely insane to want to spend my free time with middle school students! But the joy that I get building relationships with kids at the most important transitional time of their lives is unexplainable!

I started off the school year as the faculty sponsor because I knew how important this ministry was. Through the course of the year, though, I became the team leader and I don’t plan on turning back. We do so many fun and exciting games and activities each week with these kids. My favorite part, though, is what we call the “Talk.” I love hearing the hearts of my YOKE folk and watching the kids just soak it all in. I think having a place where these kids can come and hang out, gain mentors, and build a relationship with Jesus is so important! I am so glad that God placed this ministry in my life. 

Brittany Webster
West Valley YOKE Team Leader

#YOKEis growing! From 5 kids at club to more than 25 at club in just a year, West Valley YOKE has absolutely blossomed. I have been lucky enough to see my 6th graders finish their 7th grade year and become 8th graders! I have gotten to see them grow in unexpected friendships, relationship with their YOKE Folk and most importantly, in their faith. I’ll never forget the night we talked about sin and one of our girls asked if that was an abbreviation for “cinnamon.” Now we have kids who long to jump into the God’s Word and learn new things. Our kids are willing to put away their phones and be quiet just to hear more about Jesus.

Recently, one girl came up to me and said, “I can’t wait to be just like you one day.” I have to say, that made all the late nights planning clubs, wearing ridiculous outfits, and enough chocolate syrup for 50 ice cream cones in my hair well worth it.

Haley Gent
West Valley Yoke Folk