It’s hard to believe how fast this semester has moved along. We blame it on all the snow days, but spring is getting closer as we get deeper into the semester. There is a great deal of hustle and bustle at the YOKE office now that clubs have gone on uninterrupted for several weeks. So we wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how you can pray for YOKE and YOKE kids.

  1. Camps — Camps are coming up quickly! We are promoting camp at club every week encouraging our students to register and make plans to come with us. Pray that students would feel welcome and encouraged to attend. Our goal would be to see every child who attends club to come to camp with us too. Pray for that! Begin now to pray for the work that God will do at camp. We will be at camp the weekends of March 28-30 & April 4-6. Pray that God would already begin to prepare the hearts of the students who will be going; pray that they would be given understanding of the Gospel and feel compelled to begin or grow in their walk with Christ.
  2. Volunteers — YOKE is in great need of resources to continue to minister to the middle schools of East Tennessee. We need more volunteers! We can always use more YOKE Folk, but there are certain clubs that are in need for another YOKE Folk or even an available Team Leader. Maryville Junior High is close to having a club for the first time this year, but we are short just a few YOKE Folk. Other schools are still able to meet, but the YOKE Folk there are spread thin and aren’t able to give as much attention to the middle school students who do come because there are so many. Pray that God would lead us into relationships with others that would fulfill these needs. Ask that God would extend our connections in the groups we already have established relationships with to provide more YOKE Folk with a passion to connect with middle school students.
  3. Fund Raising —  Many may be familiar with YOKE’s letter writing campaign that we use to raise a great portion of our ministry costs. As YOKE continues to grow, so does our need for funding. The wonderful and most peaceful encouragement we have is that our God is limitless in resources of any kind. Just as He has faithfully provided for us in the past we have faith that He will continue to provide for us to do what He has called us to. Thank God that YOKE even exists today, and pray that He would continue to provide so that we may continue ministering tomorrow.
  4. Spring Break — We are excited about spring break and all it means for our YOKE Folk and students. We–as a staff–are thankful for a time of rest and relaxation. But we want to ask you to pray for our volunteers and students as spring break approaches. Many of our volunteers will be traveling home or on family vacations. Pray for safety in their travels. Many of our volunteers will also continue to serve by traveling around the world on spring break mission trips. Pray for our volunteers who work weekly to extend the Kingdom through the middle schools of East Tennessee as they take a week to extend the Kingdom farther than they could have imagined going. Pray for safety, opportunities to share the Gospel and individuals to disciple. We are looking forward to hearing of their ministry across borders, join us in praying for their work.

Words cannot express how thankful we are that you take the time to read and pray for YOKE. Your prayers are the most valuable asset you can give YOKE. Thank you!