Macey Dance and Duskin Henard both serve in YOKE Clubs in Jefferson County.  They share what so many of our leaders experience in YOKE – community!  Thank you for supporting YOKE and helping us provide Christian community for our leaders to grow and do life in! 

“When I first started YOKE at the beginning of this year I was not sure it was for me. It was fun, but I just wasn’t into it. It started to grow on me throughout the year, but fall camp was a turning point. The YOKE Folk got a lot closer and I got to know our kids so much more. I was so happy I stuck with it and got to see God do some awesome things that weekend through our kids.

It was at the annual leadership retreat that I truly got close to some of the YOKE Folk. Now I can’t imagine life without YOKE. To me #YOKEis a fun, loving, crazy, and sarcastic group of people I never knew I needed in life that I now call family. I do YOKE because it’s a time I get to hang out with some amazing people and I get to hang out with some awesome middle school students. I get to help students come closer to God and show them that, though college kids don’t have it all together either, as long as we have God in our lives, we will always be one step ahead.

To me #YOKEis strangers who became a close family that I love dearly. (Also the last club when Tyler got water poured down his pants was one fantastic memory no one will ever forget!)”

                                                                                                                                                       Macey Dance
                                                                                                                              Jefferson Middle YOKE Club

“#YOKEis friendship and #YOKEis fun in Christ. Three years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into as I started college, but God had a plan and I found YOKE. Leah Carter, YOKE’s area director for Jefferson County, connected me with Andy Henard, Team Leader at Maury Middle School and an apparent long-lost relative. I was hooked from the first club. I learned silly songs, played tons of games, and got quite a few pies in the face. Most importantly, I have gotten to share the love of Christ with some amazing kids. I’ve been at Maury and White Pine schools and made some great friends with YOKE Folk and middle school students alike. To me, #YOKEis a place to be myself and to fellowship in joy with some awesome people that God has put in my path. I love it! (In fact, I love it so much that I made my brother do it when he came to college this year!)”

                                                                                                                                                    Duskin Henard
                                                                                                                                         White Pine YOKE Club