CLUB TALK OUTLINE:  Introduction / HA HA

II What you want to say (Message)

III The So What?  (Conclusion)


Being as it’s been several months b / t newsletters,  a few of u, along w/me,  need a refresher = we discussed your choices 4 your up-comin’ Summer vacation….  😊 Yahoo!

II  Seriously, as always we want 2 encourage u.  Encouragement is a spiritual gift (Rom. 12:8) which for many grows  While UR in Romans, check the JP. Phillips Trans., verses 2&3…  Verse 2 address’ GOD’s children (Jn. 1:12) cope’n w/livin’ in this ‘crooked & depraved world’ (Phil. 2:15).  ‘C & depraved’ is part of this world’s bad news, but as CHRIST’s Kids(JN. 1:12 & I JN. 3:1) we celebrate HIS Good News!…. Verse 3 address’ our humility (Micah 6:8).

A quick look @ Ps. 1&Ps. 2 = it’s no coincidence these Ps. r listed 1st & 2nd…. Ps. 1 stress’ God’s way or evil …. NO FENCE STRADDLERS! (MT. 12:30)…. Ps. 2 posts SEVERE warning of this world’s deliberate, deep – seated hate towards GOD & HIS children = that’s you!… & this world’s desire 2 rid self of any / all restraints…. the desire of mankind 2 B his/her own god….meaning that you have a target on your back!  (Eph. 6:12).  Beware & be aware, but “do not be afraid”  “Is. 41:9-10; 13-14 = the Good News.* Also a wonderful lifetime memory Scripture…  While UR in Isaiah, look at IS. 5:20-5 & GOD’s confirm’n the world we live in.  MT. 10-28…. Hurry on to John 10:27-8.  Yea!

III  So what? / Conclusion.  Helen & i believe that Middle School Age PEOPLE R America’s most – neglected age group in the U.S.A…..  PEOPLE who are literally stuck in the Middle…. No longer cute  little grade schoolers…. still  2-3 yrs. from become’n H/Schoolers….  Which, fortunately brings us back 2 you….  A young adult strive’n to serve JESUS CHRIST….  One currently learn’ how to properly navigate ‘adult stuff’, but will’n 2 share a chunk of your personal time hang’n out w / MS. Kids….  How cool is that!  Yea!  😊  You, become’n a person whom many refer 2 as a ‘Yokefolk’…. better still = My Yokefolk…. obviously meaning they trust U 2 B TSF – (Their Special Friend)  James 3:1 / LK. 6:46  Help!…

YF Friends it is very important that we remember that YOKE Ministries is only one of GOD’s vehicles/tools to serve others.  YYM belongs to GOD!  PS. 96:8.  We who “have yielded our allegiance to HIM claim Jn. 1:12, also belong to HIM” (Ps. 100).   We readily recognize our own *nothingness*, except thru HIS Grace… (Jn. 1:16 / I Tim. 2:5)…  So together, lets strive to 2 live close to CHRIST… one day •at • a •time (Mt. 6:34), & simply climb up in HIS shirt pocket – so to speak – & go thru our day with our LORD…. being content with HIM being in charge!

Thanx = ‘preciate y’ll – Just, John + Helen – 865 828-8992 – *C.H. Spurgeon.  The Treasury of David.  PS. 61…’SAINTS’