YOKE Camp is always a special time for students and YOKE Folk. For middle school students, it’s a chance to get away for the weekend and have fun outdoors while building friendships with their leaders and with other students. For YOKE Folk, it’s a fun-filled weekend where they have the opportunity to further develop relationships with the students they have connected with at their clubs throughout the semester.

We’ve been unable to hold camps for the last year and a half, so many students have missed out on the fun of YOKE Camp. In fact, the last time the YOKE family was able to gather for camp was November 2019—until last week, that is.

On June 1, more than 80 kids from 21 schools along with 30 leaders boarded buses and headed to Camp BaYoCa. Our goal was to pack all the fun and adventure of YOKE Camp into one day. Activities included field games, a nature scavenger hunt, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and a YOKE Club (complete with a round of Chug & Crush, of course). The excitement of kids and YOKE Folk being back together after such a challenging year was obvious.

“I’ve really missed not being able to go to YOKE Camp for the past year and a half,” said Karns team leader Mikayla Moore. “It made me so happy to get to spend the day at Camp BaYoCa hanging out with new and old friends!”

51% of the students who attended had never been to a YOKE club before. This means that we were able to introduce YOKE to a whole new group of students who are excited to get involved when clubs kick off in the fall. Our staff has been hearing positive feedback from both kids and parents about what a great experience the day.

YOKE still has one more Summer Adventure planned for June 15, and it’s not too late to sign up! If you’d like to join us for whitewater rafting, you can learn more and get registered on our Summer Adventures page.